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Kidding Season is Upon Us! Fresh, Raw Goat's Milk Coming Soon!

Really, is there anything cuter than a baby goat?!? They are playful and silly and oh so soft and cuddly, much like a puppy! Our 3 does were all bred with a La Mancha buck last fall, a friendly and productive dairy breed with characteristically tiny or virtually non-existent ears, referred to as "elf" or "gopher" ears, respectively. They typically pass their little ears along to their offspring.

Devon, our Toggenburg doe, kicked off the season, giving birth to a lovely chocolate, swiss-marked buckling we have named Derby.

Devon with mom, just a few hours old

Then, Brie, our Lamancha/Nubian cross gave birth to her own baby buckling, "Mannie" Manchego, a darling apricot-colored boy with the cutest little pink nose!

And finally, Devon's twin sister, Finn, produced our first little doeling: Fontina. Teeny Tina, closely related to Derby, is also chocolate swiss-marked, though, unlike her "brother", has patches of white, including one in the shape of the number 4 on her side!

All 3 kids will stay on with the herd, joining the battle against the invasive Himalayan blackberry that is running rampant on our farm. Good luck and God speed little guys!

And you know what else the birth of baby goats means! FRESH RAW GOAT'S MILK! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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