Pastured Ranger Chicken

Available May-October

 Shares will be available for purchase starting in 2022. Contact us if you would like to be added to the list and we will let you know when shares become available.


Chickens weigh 4-6 lbs and are packaged whole, frozen,  and without giblets: $5.75/lb including delivery! (giblets available by request; fresh chickens available during limited times)


Orders will be accepted by the first of each month through July​

A deposit is due at the time of order; the remainder is due upon receipt of the final chicken and will be tallied based on the actual weight of chicken received.

Option 1 - Full Share ​1 chicken every 2 weeks (12 total): $150                              deposit
Option 2 - Half Share 1 chicken every month (6 total): $75                                  deposit
Option 3 - Bulk Order (5% discount) 5 or more chickens once                          or more per season: $10 deposit/chicken​
  • Above prices include delivery to most Portland neighborhoods or Wilsonville/Canby/Aurora
  • 15% off total price for on-farm pick up
  • Chickens are processed at an Oregon Department of Agriculture licensed and inspected facility
We are raising "ranger" meat chickens, especially suited to pastured production. They take a little longer to reach market weight, and don't grow quite as large as the commercial Cornish crosses, but they are a healthier, more viable animal, and they more than make up for their slower growth with OUTSTANDING FLAVOR! Try it, I swear you won't be able to go back to the bland, mushy, grocery store chicken! Learn more about ranger chickens and read tips about preparing them. 
Our chickens are free to be chickens! They enjoy:​

  • Free access to pasture

  • Locally grown, corn and soy free, non-GMO feed plus fruits and veggies grown on the farm using organic methods

  • Natural/organic healthcare

  • Stress and pain minimization techniques are employed for all handling, transport, and slaughter activities