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Pastured Ranger Chicken

Chicken Season is March-October


If you would like to be placed on the list for 2025, contact us!

We offer both Cornish cross and Freedom Ranger

meat chickens. The Cornish is the standard industrial meat hybrid available at grocery stores and restaurants. The Ranger is a slower-growing hybrid better suited to pastured production. Prices are as follows:

Cornish cross

  • small (3-4 lb): $20

  • medium (4-5 lb): $25

  • large (5-6 lb): $30

  • extra large (>6 lb): $35

Freedom Ranger

  • small (3-4 lb): $25

  • medium (4-5 lb): $30

  • large (5-6 lb): $35

  • extra large (>6 lb): $40



  • giblets (heart, liver, gizzard): $1.25/bird

  • feet: $1.00/bird

  • butchered (quartered): $1.50/bird

  • deboning: $3.20/lb

You may choose to receive your chickens in the following way:

  1. Monthly pick-up/delivery

  2. In bulk, 1-3 times per season


  • A deposit of $10/bird is due at the time of order; the remainder is due upon receipt of the order and will be tallied based on the actual weight of chickens received.​

  • Pick up locations are available in NE, SE, North Portland, and along the I-5 Corridor between Aurora and Portland. Pick-up locations are based on demand. If you recruit enough friends and neighbors to buy chickens, your home could become a pick-up location. How convenient!

  • 10% discount for on-farm pick up.

  • Chickens are processed at Mineral Springs Poultry, an Oregon Department of Agriculture licensed and inspected facility
We are proud to offer "Freedom Ranger" meat chickens, especially suited to pastured production. They take longer to reach market weight and have less white/breast meat than the industrial Cornish cross bird, but they are a healthier, more viable animal, and they more than make up for their slower growth and higher cost with OUTSTANDING FLAVOR!  Additionally, they are the more humane choice. Learn more about ranger chickens and read tips about preparing them here. 
Our chickens are free to be chickens! They enjoy:​

  • Free access to pasture

  • Locally milled, corn and soy free feed, plus fruits and veggies grown on the farm using organic methods

  • Natural/organic healthcare

  • Stress and pain minimization techniques are employed for all handling, transport, and slaughter activities

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