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Free-Range Eggs


We are sold out of shares for the 2024 egg season

 Contact us if you want to be on the 2025 list
Egg season extends March-September
Option 1 - Full Share - 2 dozen/2 weeks (30 dozen total): $220                       
Option 2 - Half Share - 1 dozen/2 weeks (15 dozen total): $110
  • Deliveries occur every 2 weeks. This saves on fuel and meet-up obligations and seems to work better all around. If you order a full share, you will receive 2 dozens at each delivery.  
  • 50% of the total is due upon order with the remainder due mid-season (June) or pay in full and receive a 5% discount.
  • Price will be pro-rated based on subscription date.
  • Pick up locations are available in NE, SE, North Portland, and along the I-5 Corridor between Aurora and Portland. Pick-up locations are based on demand. If you recruit enough friends and neighbors to buy eggs, your home could become a pick-up location. How convenient!
  • 10% discount for on-farm pick up.
Our eggs are certified Animal Welfare Approved, meaning we adhere to rigorous animal welfare and environmental sustainability standards. 
We currently raise Black Australorp, Delaware, and Americauna chickens. These heritage breeds are all hardy, healthy, and productive layers, and have excellent meat qualities as well. We maintain our layer birds in smaller, natural flocks, each with an ever watchful rooster on the guard. We produce our own chicks here on the farm, allowing them to be naturally raised by a doting mama hen whenever possible, which allows us to sustain and improve our flocks over time without having to rely on commercial hatcheries.


Our chickens are free to be chickens! They enjoy:

  • Free access to pasture

  • Plenty of tasty fruit, seed, and veggies grown on the farm using organic methods

  • Natural/organic healthcare

  • Freedom from forced molting, food deprivation, unnatural light regimes, or other manipulations that enhance productivity at the expense of the animal’s well-being
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