Thanksgiving Feast

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Thanksgiving Feast

1 whole free-range heritage turkey plus fresh ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 6

Create a farm-fresh Thanksgiving meal for your friends and family this year! We provide the turkey and many of the ingredients you will need to prepare the perfect holiday meal.

Your share will include:

  • One 10-15 lb heritage breed turkey
  • assortment of winter squashes
  • assortment of heirloom potatoes
  • carrots
  • garlic and onions
  • dried herbs
  • One pie pumpkin
  • baking apples
  • fresh-pressed apple cider
  • decorative "fall harvest" centerpiece

We raise Bourbon red and Narragansett turkeys. These rare heritage breeds do not grow as quickly or as large as industrial turkeys and are longer in leg and keel, but they are a healthier, more sustainable animal, and their meat is rich and flavorful. Our turkeys are pasture raised and fed organic, non-GMO feed supplemented with fruits and veggies grown organically on the farm, and whatever tasty treats they forage around the farm.

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