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We have been carefully selecting and building up our flock of heritage-breed laying hens. We currently raise Black Australorp, Delaware, Buff Orpington, and Salmon Faverolles chickens. These breeds are all hardy, healthy, and productive layers, and have excellent meat qualities as well. We produce our own chicks here on the farm which allows us to sustain and improve our flocks over time without having to rely on commercial hatcheries.

Our chickens are free to be chickens! They enjoy:

  • Organic, non-GMO feed
  • Access to chemical-free pasture with regular rotation to ensure fresh and exciting new ground
  • Plenty of tasty fruit, seed, and veggies grown on the farm using organic methods
  • Natural/organic healthcare
  • Freedom from forced molting, food deprivation, unnatural light regimes, or other manipulations that enhance productivity at the expense of the animal’s well-being
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