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French Prairie Honey: Creamed Honey - 10 oz Glass Hex Jar

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This honey has been finely crystallized to achieve a smooth, velvety, spreadable texture. It is then infused with organic spices and/or dried fruit. 10 oz by weight in a glass hex jar with gold lid. We feature new flavors every season:

Ginger-Cardamom - Now Available!

Strawberry Rose - Sold Out

Tahitian Vanilla Bean - Sold Out

Farm pick or shipping is available

French Prairie honey is rich in color and flavor. Like wine, coffee, and chocolate, the depth of color and flavor of honey is strongly tied to the region in which it is produced, as well as the season; honey is a sweet reflection of which flowers are in bloom in a given place and time. Here, in one of the oldest agricultural regions of the Willamette Valley, our bees have access to a bounty of apple, peach, hazelnut, and cherry orchards, vineyards, fields of crimson clover, and wildflower-filled meadows. All of our honey is raw (unheated, unpasteurized) and unfiltered, so it retains all of it's natural pollen, polyphenol antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients.

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